Tokyo Sunset by (Sandro Bisaro) | Follow on Tumblr

by Ivan Kislov

Amur Leopard by WilliamTHornaday

Bells Canyon Waterfall Overlook © kylesipple☬

Sequoia Trees at Night © Jeffrey Sullivan
Three sequoias growing together in Sequoia National Monument, with a light placed in the middle.

'Close up of a Parson's Chameleon', awesome photograph taken at the Chester Zoo Tropical House, England, UK by Steve Wilson on Flickr [Source]
Calumma parsonii

Is it really THAT hard to just give credit where it is due? For the love of Satan I featured this post and within hours it’s already on my dash uploaded by someone else without ANY kind of credit at all. 
The least you could have done was copy and paste the damn caption.
See? Was that so hard? No. 
Black Swan (by Old-Man-George)
A couple more from my second visit. Still didn't get what I want. I need to somehow get a clean dark background. Hmm, something to work on.
Again a little closer in than I would like. But I quite like it all the same. Again, shot -2 stops compensation, & contrast pushed up to make the most of the black-on-black.

(Daniel Crocetti)

Progreston Cave © Thankful!
On Saturday afternoon, I stopped at Progreston Falls, hoping to be able to shoot the falls in the late afternoon light. The sun was still way too high in the sky to attempt to shoot the falls. So I crossed the creek and shot the entrance to the cave. It is too contrasty for my taste, but it gives you some idea of what it looks like